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outbox it professional
For IT Professionals
OutboxSMS is the easiest way to integrate full featured SMS messaging into your company.

outboxsms business user
For Business
OutboxSMS is a simple way to improve contact with your customers using SMS messages.

outboxsms software api
For Developers
OutboxSMS provides several API options making it easy to integrate SMS to your software.

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OutboxSMS email

What is OutboxSMS email?
Outbox SMS email is an SMS gateway that links into your email system allowing anyone in your organisation to send and receive SMS messages.

SMS email - the benefits

Direct 2-way communications
Outbox sms email provides instant 2-way communications between you and your customers with email responses directly to and from your pc inbox.
Saves time and money
  • instead of posting information or calling customers, you can send them a text message, saving time and money.
  • Outbox sms email links directly to the mobile network, bypassing SMS service providers, so you can take advantage of operatorsí fixed price, unlimited message deals.
    Diverse, flexible applications
    sms email can be used for a wide range of B2B and B2C applications from sms marketing alerts to latest product developments and market news to reminding patients or clients that their next appointment or product update is due.
    Easy to use
  • Outbox sms email is as easy to setup as a DVD player, so there is no need for specialised IT knowledge; simply plug and play
  • Pager interface integrates with your existing paging system
    Control & flexibility
    You maintain control over your own systems and business text processes without reliance on 3rd party service providers
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